conspiracy theories

We all have this legitimate suspicion of not knowing everything about the forces that lead us. After all, Secret Services don’t call themselves secret for nothing. And there is also an abundance of not so much secret societies, Freemasonry coming first to mind, of private clubs (Rotary, golf…) and exclusive forums, Davos being the most

jungle or civilization

The manipulators who see themselves as predators don’t have the values necessaries for a civilization: empathy, sens of justice or responsibilities… They are dragging us backward, in the jungle, the chaos or the barbarism. If we want the progress of civilization, we have to prevent them from reaching leadership positions.

the ego makes you dumb

The ego, this inner voice that I would locate in the reptilian brain, makes you stupid. Of course! It is this primitive force invented by Lady Nature to have us survive in an hostile background. Be it with dinosaurs or psychopathic billionaires. And it is used by Sir Obscure to attract us in the shadows.