goodness is found in consciences

When you’ll find evil in the exploitation of anything, even just causes, the good is found in our individual responsibility… The right to speak while also thinking about possible consequences. The right to be wrong, when you didn’t mean to, without being lynched. In the respect of others, quite simply. And the duty to try

the manipulation of good causes

There are a lot of just causes that deserve we fight for them. Like equality or freedom.But even these good causes can be distorted, manipulated, raped by people without conscience or scruples. In their hands, freedom becomes the freedom to do anything they damn please.In a word, selfishness. When some people, for example, refuse to

the golden child

The manipulator’s over inflated ego has him live in an alternative and Manichean reality, where everything in him is perfection and any wrong doing is always exterior. And thus, when the manipulators have kids, they often choose one of them as their absolute favourite.A kid who would be just like them, an extension of their

conspiracy theories

We all have this legitimate suspicion of not knowing everything about the forces that lead us. After all, Secret Services don’t call themselves secret for nothing. And there is also an abundance of not so much secret societies, Freemasonry coming first to mind, of private clubs (Rotary, golf…) and exclusive forums, Davos being the most