good bye for now…

I tried to write both in English and French on two blogs for quite some time now and the truth is… I’ve thought I couldn’t give my 100% on neither. Also, as my books are written in French, it began to feel like cognitive dissonance to be communicating in the English language on social media.This

doctor’s daughter

“There had to be a daughter of a colleague to be such a pain in the ass!”It’s November 12th of 2006, the day before my daughter was brought to the world by caesarean section and three gynaecologists stand in front of my clinical bed.It’s been three days and three nights since I was diagnosed with

on bad faith

Bad faith is to the manipulator what a racket is to the table tennis player: indispensable. I was thinking about this when I was assisting to my daughter’s college’s reunion on pedagogic trips. When it was “explained” why the direction had taken the unilateral decision to banish screens from the bucolic adventure. The argument, aired

how I cope with fear

Being a human is not easy. And it’s no wonder that, struggling with their own mortality, diseases, wars and climatic catastrophes, ancient Greeks believed themselves the target of capricious gods. Each and every one of them the bearer of the worst human characteristics, and all of them doing their damnedest to bother humankind.In front of

how I cope with these difficult times

The present time is extremely heavy to bear and it will get worse before it will get better. Negative people don’t see anything beyond their unlimited greed and until we finally learn how to identify them to prevent them from having any position of leadership, the humanity will collectively and regularly hit the rock-bottom before