call to energy vampires for their testimony

All negative people are energy vampires: they just don’t know how to generate enough energy by loving, looking at the see, hugging a tree…Well of course! The quasi or total absence of heart emotions makes it quite difficult. Negative people need your energy, my empathetic friend. And when egotistical or simple narcissists will pump it

the ego’s slippery slope

When people choose egotism, they choose a slope. A slope to more and more mental disequilibrium. A slope to more anger and rage.More victimhood and paranoia. But more importantly these people will slide into more and more alternative reality, less and less built on truth and actual facts. Because, as they get older, egotistic people,

negative people and the seven voices

In a humanity manipulators would like nothing more than to paint in fifty shades of greys, getting rid of the last dredges of responsibility in the process, because if everyone and his neighbour does it, why wouldn’t they… I personally see a very definite limit and I found it in empathy. Empathy, you have it

common sense: the seventh voice

(many thanks to my son for the drawing!) There is quite some time now, I talked about the six voices expressing themselves in us. And their presence or absence depending on our positivity… And I would like now to add a seventh one: the common sense one. Because common sense isn’t intelligence.Sometimes it’s even the