good bye for now…

I tried to write both in English and French on two blogs for quite some time now and the truth is… I’ve thought I couldn’t give my 100% on neither. Also, as my books are written in French, it began to feel like cognitive dissonance to be communicating in the English language on social media.This

It’s our human nature to be capable of the best as well as the worst and to resign ourselves to give our best only after we have collectively done our worst.

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the signs that point to a manipulator I

As far as my lectures and my experience go, there are many signs who can help you identify a manipulator (from the narcissist to the psychopath). Of course, some manipulators won’t have all the characteristics of their species and the cleverest of them all, the psychopath, will hide behind a mask. But even they will

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the ego makes you dumb

The ego, this inner voice that I would locate in the reptilian brain, makes you stupid. Of course! It is this primitive force invented by Lady Nature to have us survive in an hostile background. Be it with dinosaurs or psychopathic billionaires. And it is used by Sir Obscure to attract us in the shadows.