jungle or civilization

The manipulators who see themselves as predators don’t have the values necessaries for a civilization: empathy, sens of justice or responsibilities… They are dragging us backward, in the jungle, the chaos or the barbarism. If we want the progress of civilization, we have to prevent them from reaching leadership positions.

you are a phoenix

Negative people just know how to take and destroy. When we, who have a heart, we can suffer, fall down and get depressed. But we also know how to get back on our feet.Stronger than before.

sociopathy and psychopathy

For my classification of negative profiles based on energy, I simplified, on purpose, to three main categories. But I could as well have chosen to identify four categories, as when a person is a -6 or -7 on my Geiger counter of negativity, he or she is what I called an “intense narcissist”. Which is

the manipulator is unbalanced

It’s my analysis that we have distinct inner voices, the voice of your heart, the voice of your conscience, the voice of your ego, the voice of your intelligence, the voice of your intuition and the voice of your personality or soul. A negative person, who became so because of a traumatized event or childhood,

the six voices and the negative people

I wrote an article on the six voices that are part of our psyche. I precise another time here – and blablabla – that I’m no professional of psychology, just a professional on energies. As such, I’m convinced that these six voices (ego, cleverness, personality, heart, intuition, conscience) have a different importance for people, as

spoiled brat

The ego voice begins to make itself heard, when a baby realizes that he has a distinct identity from his mother. The famous temper of a two years old? For something or nothing and a toy that has been refused? Ego. And the most part of the education we give a kid, to enable him