lie is at the core of any manipulation

Yes, I know, it seems fairly obvious.
And you must already be aware that in order to manipulate, one has to lie.

But this goes just far beyond what you could possibly imagine.

We don’t talk here of a simple and erratic lie, the one you could use to avoid telling an embarrassing truth or to get out of a complicated situation. Everybody does that, especially at Christmas!

But the manipulators is doing so much worse : he is creating a parallel universe where truth doesn’t even exist anymore.
Because for him, truth is the enemy.

To seduce you, he has already invented a personality you will love.
You’re romantic? He’ll get you tons of roses. When the scent of flowers makes him gag.
You like the countryside? She’ll envision your future in a farm. When she’s got hay fever.

And the best among manipulators won’t be happy with only reinventing their personality, they’ll work on the whole play, arranging the lights, and giving the roles.
The spot must be on them and they must always be the hero of the script.

He’s a villain and a fake? He’ll make you believe he’s a victim. And it’s so sad nobody understands his true self… Only you.

In the process, he’ll reverse everything and convince you of the exact opposite of what is real.

Magician, impostor and charlatan he’ll throw glittery powder in your eyes to have you look where he wishes. He’ll gaslight….

And the worst of manipulation, the most dangerous, is the political one, when it touches so many people. Because it can lead to fascism or left extremism or religions extremism: evil doesn’t care which.

Fascism, this old horror show we hoped had disappeared but is coming back strong, consisting in convincing a majority of people that they are victimized by a minority.
How contradictory.
There is a certain logic, at least, for the left extremism, when the minority they talk about is the elite. But no more soul nor good results. Hello there, China and Russia!

Evil blows over the fires of hate, anger and fear and makes them an inferno of toxic emotions that will shut the brain and transform the voter into a sect fanatic.
One who will now follow the manipulator blindly, giving him all the power. And it’s no coincidence.

Because power, for a manipulator, is a balm to his ego, the greatest source of pleasure.
And pleasure is the only fulfilling feeling he can get, as in the absence of a heart, he can’t know love or happiness.

This power he gets in killing truth.
And shaping his own alternate reality.

The more people he has dancing in it, the better.
A whole family is good, but a whole country… that is the supreme win!

And truth, so precious, so fragile, under attack by Facebook, defended by the ethics of journalists, is essential to democracies.
Without truth, there is no meaningful vote.

Without truth, we fall into the black hole of manipulation, chaos and dictatorship.

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