negative people and the seven voices

In a humanity manipulators would like nothing more than to paint in fifty shades of greys, getting rid of the last dredges of responsibility in the process, because if everyone and his neighbour does it, why wouldn’t they… I personally see a very definite limit and I found it in empathy. Empathy, you have it

the anthill

The wet dream of any ambitious psychopath or sociopath is an anthill.It’s the communist or fascist dystopia when the whole population enters a predetermined role. It’s a world where the sociopath would be the only queen with a personal guard, soldiers, and a whole bunch of indistinct peasants.It’s an universe where nobody would dare being

perfectionism versus strategy

Modern psychology, to my mind, doesn’t take sufficiently into account that there are two definite categories of human beings.And that these two categories don’t behave the same way at all. Resiliency for example, that has been so glorified these last twenty years and was pointing at the victory of the psyche against adversity, is a

dangerous ego

There are two situations that can over-inflate the ego and they’re just on the opposite sides of the scale: when a person has been led to think he/she is so very important or when a person has been traumatized. Either way, the path downhill through is the same.