the ego’s slippery slope

When people choose egotism, they choose a slope.

A slope to more and more mental disequilibrium.
A slope to more anger and rage.
More victimhood and paranoia.

But more importantly these people will slide into more and more alternative reality, less and less built on truth and actual facts.

Because, as they get older, egotistic people, like everybody, will face disappointments, bitterness and failure.
But their overinflated ego, unlike anybody else, is just never satisfied.

And when equilibrated and positive persons will own their responsibility, or look at the half-full glass, therefore being able to limit the damages, negative people won’t be able to do the same.

The slope is just inevitable.
But its degree will depend on two factors.

The first criteria is cleverness: very clever negative persons, psychopaths, to be precise, will be able to count on some lucidity and realize that some other people have it tough. Some days, somewhat. Not as tough as them, of course, but still.

They are also particularity proud not to be like sociopaths, driven by emotions and impulses. Their lucidity will battle the ego’s delusions.
This lucidity, and their very good psychology is also what enable, psychopaths to hold their mask. And the mask will more or less hold the rest.

The second factor is directly linked to the intensity of the narcissistic fuel, the power, attention, money… that the negative persons receives.
To simplify, a narcissistic famous actress will always be more satisfied than your average jobless sociopath.
A lot more satisfied but never completely fulfilled. Because it’s the nature of the beast to always be hungry.

And the slope, as gentle as can be, will always lurk there.

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