common sense: the seventh voice

(many thanks to my son for the drawing!)

There is quite some time now, I talked about the six voices expressing themselves in us. And their presence or absence depending on our positivity…

And I would like now to add a seventh one: the common sense one.

Because common sense isn’t intelligence.
Sometimes it’s even the opposite of it.

Cleverness is this brain function that solves problems and imagines.
And when it’s been given too much free space, it also elaborates imaginary problems, non-existent illnesses, conspiracy theories, bizarre explanations, justifications to the worst behaviour…

The brain can be very very dumb.

And I’ll grab this occasion to discredit the brain a little more, in a world where I find it is glorified too much.
What is the genius’s brain’s worth, understanding very complicated equations when it also calculates the statistics on every possible and inevitable ways they could die and they choose to live their life under their bed?
True story and an example among others.

So, facing the brain, there is this common sense voice.
The voice bringing us back to earth.
Calming our mental frenzy.
Reminding us of the need for simplicity.

And if I were to have fun and put now a voice on each chakra, I would place the common sense voice on the first chakra, the root one.
The one that anchors us.
The one that keeps our feet and energy firmly on the ground.

I would place the ego voice on the second chakra, the one of passions and urges.

On the third chakra, the solar plexus one, the one for action, I would place the personality.

The voice of the heart, of course, would be situated on the fourth chakra, the one on the torso, the love one.

The fifth chakra, on the throat, chakra of creativity and communication would be where I place the voice of intelligence. And no, contrary to the obvious anatomical choice, I wouldn’t put this voice on the forehead.

Because the sixth chakra, the third eye one, is the Intuitive one, the one looking beyond the appearances. And as I found it very hard to make it work, this one, I know it’s not enough just to think.
It’s no surprise, then, if one were to establish a vertical hierarchy, that if you were to choose, between the intelligence that grinds on what it sees, and the intuition that connects to the invisible, one should go for the intuition.
Anyway, it’s what I teach my kids.

And to end this comparison, there is the seventh chakra, connecting us to the divine. Where I would obviously place the voice of the conscience.

Seven voices, seven chakras.
For a balanced, connected and complete human being.

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