the manipulator is unbalanced

It’s my analysis that we have distinct inner voices, the voice of your heart, the voice of your conscience, the voice of your ego, the voice of your intelligence, the voice of your intuition and the voice of your personality or soul. A negative person, who became so because of a traumatized event or childhood,

the six voices and the negative people

I wrote an article on the six voices that are part of our psyche. I precise another time here – and blablabla – that I’m no professional of psychology, just a professional on energies. As such, I’m convinced that these six voices (ego, cleverness, personality, heart, intuition, conscience) have a different importance for people, as

spoiled brat

The ego voice begins to make itself heard, when a baby realizes that he has a distinct identity from his mother. The famous temper of a two years old? For something or nothing and a toy that has been refused? Ego. And the most part of the education we give a kid, to enable him

the six voices

These are not, of course, voices with different tonalities and sources that would give us the impression that someone else is living with us in our head and Napoleon wants to talk to us. Of course not! It’s just that as time went by – too much of it!- and maturity is coming upon me,

an alternative reality in high-school

Positive people are the guardrails of the manipulators. And even more so, the guardrails of narcissists who, more than often, can’t count on their cleverness to be high enough to fight against the daily delirium whispered in their brain by their over-inflated ego. We can fully envision it, this delirium, when a narcissist, in Turkmenistan

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This ordeal can enable us to learn from our mistakes and build a better world. But a negative person won’t ever so it: he will never take his responsibilities. It will fall on us, then, positive people, to take care of it.

dangers of relativism

Manipulators will try to have us think that nothing is completely good or bad. That everything is in 50 shades of grey.That generosity is just well thought self-interest. That everybody does the same. So why not him?If not him, somebody else would have done it anyway. And you are no better. And remember, by the

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