dangers of relativism

Manipulators will try to have us think that nothing is completely good or bad. That everything is in 50 shades of grey.
That generosity is just well thought self-interest.

That everybody does the same. So why not them?
If not them, somebody else would have done it anyway.

And you are no better.

And remember, by the way, you are not the victim, he is (womp womp).

As a matter or fact, truth doesn’t exist, and there are always “alternative facts”.

The end justifies the means…

This is all pure BS to muddy the water, to create chaos, to generate a smoke screen behind which they can operate.

And the danger would be to believe them.

Because Good does exist even when perfection doesn’t.

It’s what I tell my kids: “I’m not perfect but I have good intentions”.

Good intention, good faith, good will. That is the key.
Afterwards, we fail, we get angry, we are sometimes unjust be at least we try.

Which is just NEVER their case.

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